Guardsman II Motion Monitoring Device

Guardsman IITempuTech’s Guardsman II motion and slowdown monitoring system was designed to provide the small to medium grain facility an inexpensive & easy way to monitor, alarm and shutdown individual devices.  A key requirement for slowdown devices is to be able to test the accuracy of the devices protection. There is a secure key switch that allows managers to test and verify proper operation by switch the unit from normal operation to test mode. The Guardsman II is fully adjustable by our service technicians to accommodate the differences and discrepancies in the a facilities existing equipment.  The Guardsman II ships out from our facility with a highly visible NEMA 4 rated display allows the operator to quickly and easily monitor and test the system. The Guardsman II provides the operator with both visual and audio alarm sequences.

TempuTech, Inc. has met the industry needs. The Guardsman II provides front panel active alarm testing and is built into a NEMA 12-13 enclosure; an optional NEMA 4R enclosure is available for outdoor and rugged environmental installations. Guardsman II can be installed into existing customer locations utilizing single or multiple target sensors.


  • Programmable set-up
  • Factory set to current OSHA requirements
  • NEMA 12-13 Enclosure
  • NEMA 14R Enclosure (Optional)
  • Monitoring Range  0 to 4000 RPMs
  • Over Speed & Under Speed Alarm functions
  • Single or Multiple target sensors
  • Secure key controlled test mode
  • Dimensions* (H x W x D) 10.75” x 8.5” x 4.5”
  • *Basic NEMA Enclosure