Portable Temperature Devices

TempuTech’s Digital Temperature Logging (DTL) Portable and DTL Software is our entry level temperature monitoring system. Your days of climbing to the top of your bin to manually probe multiple areas, to obtain unreliable readings are in the past especially when in most cases they do not penetrate the core readings of your product. Our DTL product utilizes the same cables as provided in the top of the line grain management systems. Our factory trained service technicians will install a single or multi-cable access port at the base of your Grain Bin so that the user just has to plug in the DTL and take his readings. The DTL is capable of storing up to 999 cables and bin names and time/date stamps are part of the standard programming. After collecting the information the operator simply plugs the DTL into a computer utilizing the USB port and downloads all the information into the computer to view the collected data on the screen in an easy to read report form. This operator can than Print, Save or E-mail this information with the click of the mouse button.

Ready to take the next step – No problem Trade in your DTL portable for a central electronics package to automatically have your cables scanned, printed, and / or email directly to your computer or smartphone daily. With the addition of 3D Bin views the operator can visually see where a problem is developing allowing them to be reactive in their grain management.