Moisture Monitoring Systems

Mositure monitoring and control is a key factor to our Grain  Management System (GMS) (Jed hyperlink to GMS).  Controlling the moisture accurately will can increase the bottom line not only by delivering grain at its top dollar but by reducing operational cost during the drying process.  TempuTech’s digital moisture sensors solution allows constant monitoring of the stored grains moisture. Aeration and Fan Control Systems (Jed Hyperlink to Aeration and Fan Control systems)allow automatic and / or manual control of fans and takes advantage of a suite of settings designed to reduce cost and condition stored grain.


M12FTH3Q Temperature and Humidity Sensor works in a variety of environments to provide temperature and humidity measurements.

  • Provides high accuracy temperature and humidity measurements
  • Manufactured with a robust metal housing
  • Functions as a Modbus slave device via RS-485
  • Ships with aluminum grill filter cap; optional stainless steel 10 micrometer sintered filter available separately.









Sintered Filter Part Number FTH-FIL-002FTH-FIL-002

  • Filter for Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Sintered to 10um Porosity
  • High dust environments