Consultation & Upgrade Services

System Upgrades • System Health  & Commission • Insurance Investigations • Life Cycle Assessment

TempuTech offers a full suite of Consultation Services. These service or performed by our senior staff members and monitored by our President / CEO.

System Upgrades - Before you upgrade call us our trained staff can perform a site survey to assist you in the identification of problems areas and help your staff define the scope of work to ensure a proper install solution is reached.

System Health – Annual commission reports are required at most elevators, when sensors are found to be bad the sometimes get over looked by facility personnel until harvest and systems have to run in critical by pass mode in order to keep up with production. Call TempuTech and let our trained technicians perform your annual commissioning and repairs at the same time avoid costly down time and keep your equipment compliant.

Insurance Investigations – Over the years TempuTech has been contracted as an industry expert in cause and effect investigations. This is a service that we provide both insurance companies and clients so before you settle let our staff provide an independent assessment of the incident.

Life Cycle Assessment - Facility managers can use these services to plan budgets and structure maintenance programs to plan equipment replacement and repairs. These services allow customers to plan major purchases on their schedule rather than on the equipment’s schedule.